If We Look At The Light We Can See & Act

unknown title


MOON MOTH CREATIVE /// If We Look At The Light We Can See & Act /// 2016 /// graphite, watercolor, matte finish on paper. /// 22 X 30 inches ///

What a pleasure it was creating this piece. It’s story started with the quilts of New England woman from the 19th century. I watched, Hearts and Hands which was just fascinating. I recommend following the link. I shared what I learned with my father Ed Bell who knows alot about the New England Coast. In or conversation he shared his story of taking his skiff out to sea as far as he could; out to Graves Light as a boy. All this talk of the Sea and light house’s compelled me to look up other lights off the New England Coast. I fell in LOVE with Minot’s Ledge Light which I placed in this piece.

It is a call to arms for the protection of the Sea and all it’s wonders. It also serves as a beacon of TRUTH for me. A stead fast reminder of my inner child and a Bell family  generational bond with the Sea.

Truth Seeker, Share, Preserve, Learn, Support, Unity and Positive Growth.



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