The City Of More & Waste


The City of More & Waste

MOON MOTH CREATIVE /// The City of More & Waste/// 2017 /// Acrylic, Tempera and Gouache on paper. /// 22 X 30 inches ///

Is the latest of an on going series of city paintings. As always inspired by, Bruegel the Elder  . I have always been drawn to the Tower of Babel. It is the shape and the layering. Each time my eyes move over his paintings of it I see more and more. It is wonderful to be transported through the painting and see it from afar ; or even to walk around it. The Tower is a city with in a city; vast and mountainous. In my painting, “The City of More and Waste” and in the city series I tried to convey just that.  All the rest you will take what you will.

Ruin from growth. An interesting thing to elaborate on in an additional series. All of it exhilarates  the senses.

Truth Seeker, Share, Preserve, Learn, Support, Unity and Positive Growth.


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