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Thanks Axle & Happy Birthday!!!


Here is a picture from the group show at Peters Projects last weekend. It was a pleasure to be invited by Axle Contemporary to celebrate 5 years of bringing art to the Community.


Say hello to my latest drawings and get ready to celebrate! It should be a great opening on  Friday night as Axle Contemporary celebrates it’s Birthday at Peters Project.

February 13 – March 21, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, Feb 13th, 5-7pm

Peters Projects

1011 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM

The Traveling Forest To Be…

Traveling Forest 1 4w

Traveling Forest 2 4w

Traveling Forest 3 4w

Traveling Forest 4 4w

Traveling Forest 5 4w

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The Traveling Forest, as many of my close friends & family know is an idea that I have been carrying around with me for some time. It makes me happy and brings me back to my boyhood dreaming along the ocean shore. The Traveling Forest, is more of a meditation then a children’s book. I like to think that it is a book for people of all ages. There are no words in this book just images. Day & Night a drift. The idea is that a Forest is growing on a vessel that is being carried by the Sea. Simple right…Simple & Beautiful the way I like it. Here are five proposed images for the book. I would love for the Book to be about fifty pages. The last image is a study of the growth of the Forest. I will be sending the book out to publishers this week to see if we get a bite. I know the process is long but keep us in your thoughts.  Big LOVE my friends!

A Piece in the Santa Fe Reporter!!!


Santa Fe Reporter features one of my pieces in an article for an upcoming show June 20th at the Museum of Art in Santa Fe New Mexico. Check the article out at : Renga Project comes to poetic close. Thanks to Ginger Dunnill for the photo much LOVE!


Museum Show Coming Up!!!

Axle Contemporary’s  ” Renga Project “, poets write artists draw. Read more about it by clicking on the link.

MOONMOTH:AXLE CONTEMPORARY pieceBlack ink on paper , 2014

BecomingBlack ink on paper, 2014

I was to illustrate the stanza :

fallen petals — leaves of light —

dissolve, barefoot becoming

(Will Barnes)

It was my honor to be selected to illustrate the work of  Will Barnes (above). The top image is what will be on display at The Museum of Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I must say I am rather happy with it. The bottom image was my first attempt to translate the writing in to an image which proved to be more of a visual brain storm. On a personal note, it was a hard time in my  life with the loss of my beautiful brother Mario as well as moving away from New Mexico. But as Dan Eldon said, ” The journey is the destination”. Love you New Mexico. Thanks for all you have given me.

The opening will be June 20, 2014 and the Poets will be reading their work along side the art June 22. If you are in Santa or ABQ  go check it. Gifted poets and gifted artist’s. I would like to thank Will Barnes for your stanza it is an awaking. Big Love to Jerry and Matt and Big Love to all you people out there. Truth Seeker, Share, Preserve, Learn, Support, Unity and Positive Growth.

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